Aluminium HF welded tubes and extrusions

Both aluminium high frequency welded tubes and aluminium extruded tubes are available in different alloys, dimensions and surface finish.
We focus on serving both big and small customers. Special shapes can be developed upon request.


The tubes have many applications in different sectors like rollerblinds, garden furniture, cleaning products (brooms), antennas, ladders, pushchairs and drying racks, extruded and drawn pieces can be applied in industrial applications as well


– Natural
– Silver/gold anodised
– Painted


3005 / 5049 / 5086 etc


Starting from +/- 2000 kg up to full trucks

Size range

Round, square, rectangular and special shapes.
Rd 6 – 76 mm, sq. 8×8 – 40×40, rectangular 12×8 – 70×30 mm
Thickness from 0,4 – 2,0 mm


Additional treatments like drilling and punching holes, applying grips, adhesive tape, cut lengths etc.

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